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Sociology: Get Started

This guide will provide essential resources to the study of Sociology at a two-year college.

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Get Started

These are some of the primary sources:  photographs, journals, letters, government documents, interviews.


Chicago Colisium   Journal  Old LettersState documents    Interview

Chicago Coliseum. 1912.
Library of Congress.


 To find primary sources, search for letters, diaries, autobiographies, government documents of the time period.  For example, search for "Martin Luther King Jr and letters" or "Martin Luther King Jr and government documents". You can also add "primary sources" to your search, for example, "woman suffrage and primary sources".

CCC Programs & Careers in Political Science


Associate in Arts (Sociology)  
What can you do with an undergraduate degree in Political Science?  Many, many things!

Careers in Sociology

Graduates   Graduates 

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