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Malcolm X College Library Online Services

Library Resources for Faculty

Faculty Resources

The MXC Library supports your teaching needs and promotes student learning through robust physical and digital collections, instruction support, reference services and research assistance. 





Faculty Services

Course Research Guides

LibGuides can be customized for a particular research assignment or as a guide for your course. Browse our CCC Library Research Guides for examples.


Contact Tamara Townsend at if you would like to request a guide for your course.

Information Literacy Instruction

The goal of Information literacy instruction is to heighten critical thinking skills. Students will:​

  • Determine what information is or is not relevant​

  • Separate fact from opinion​

  • Recognize the ways evidence might be limited ​

  • Select the strongest supporting data​

Why work with a librarian? Librarians can:​

  • Provide direct in-person instruction​

  • Collaborate with instructors to design research assignments that make the best use of CCC resources

Library Instruction at MXC
Types of Instruction Possible Instruction Topics
  • Single class "one shot" sessions
  • How to use the library catalog, databases, and Google to find appropriate sources​
  • Series of sessions on focused topics
  • How to distinguish between primary vs. scholarly Sources​
  • Workshops outside of class time
  • How to narrow/broaden a research topic​
  • Embedded Librarians
  • How to avoid plagiarism
  • How to use MLA/APA Citation

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