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Wright College Library Services

Classroom Instruction

Instruction Options

While most courses are still remote, librarians are available to support information literacy outcomes and provide database instruction by

  • attending Zoom sessions to demo databases and research processes
  • creating screencasts for specific classes
  • creating research handouts specific to your assignments

We will also be available for some in-person instruction.

Submit a request for library instruction                       

Library Instruction Session Guidelines

  • The best time for a library instruction session is after a research assignment has been assigned and students have chosen their topics. Students are more likely to be motivated to learn about research resources at the point of need.        

  • Students learn best by doing, and we encourage you to allow time to actively reinforce their learning through hands-on practice (searching databases, etc.).        

  • Instruction sessions must be requested at least a week before the date requested.   

Instruction Menu

Instruction Menu

Starter session--one class session includes an introduction to library services and the search process

Research series--2-3 sessions to support the research process throughout the semester

Information literacy--all of our instruction include information literacy concepts. Stand-alone workshops on evaluating information or other concepts are also available.

We are flexible and value collaboration. Reach out with your ideas.


Course Reserves

Remote Course Reserves

This fall, the library will offer in-library use of physical reserve items to students. We are working to support alternatives in the following ways:  

  1. Whenever possible, the library has secured electronic access to materials. Check the library catalog to see if the material you are looking for is available electronically. Please keep in mind that many traditional textbooks are not available as eBooks for library purchase.

  2. Copies of assigned readings can be made available to your students in accordance with Fair Use guidelines. Learn more about Fair Use and find a checklist here. Once you have determined that the reading(s) you would like to scan meet Fair Use, you can upload materials yourself. If you do not have access to these materials, you can complete this form  to have the library scan a portion of a reserve item for you. The library will email you the scanned material within one week. You can then provide access to the material on your course's BrightSpace page for students to access.  

  3. If the library has multiple copies of a reserve book we will retain one copy in the library and designate any additional copies for students to check out for 7 days, with the option to renew if the book hasn't been requested by another student.

If you have questions about course reserves, please email Jeannette Bruno at

Assignment Review

Assignment Review

If you have an assignment that includes research, consider having a Wright librarian review the assignment beforehand (whether or not you are also expecting to have a librarian visit your class) in order to help scaffold learning. We are familiar with CCC subscription databases as well as outside information sources and can help you direct students toward relevant resources. Email Tineka Scalzo ( or with your topics and questions.

Suggest Materials for the Collection

We welcome recommendations for book and periodical selections that support the curriculum and mission of the College.

Submit your suggestions for book or periodical purchases

Library Liaisons

Each department has a librarian liaison to serve as a bridge of communication to the library. These librarians can help facilitate programming, library instruction, collection development, and more. 

Department ​​


Contact information

Biology (Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Environmental Biology, Microbiology, and Zoology)  ​ 

Joslyn Allison

Business (Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Management/Marketing)  ​ 

David Torres

English, Literature, and Reading  

Jeannette Bruno​


David Torres​

Great Books​

Tineka Scalzo​

Environmental Technology​

Joslyn Allison​

Foundational Studies​

Jeannette Bruno​

Humanities (Humanities, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, and Fine Arts) ​ 

Tineka Scalzo

Information Technology (computer information systems, computer security and forensic investigation and information processing) ​ 

Joslyn Allison

Latin American and Latino/a Studies​

Jeannette Bruno ​

Library Technical Assistant​

Jeannette Bruno​


David Torres

Occupational Therapy Assistant​

David Torres​


Jeannette Bruno

Physical Sciences and Engineering (Astronomy, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics)  ​ 

Joslyn Allison​

Social Science (Addictions Studies, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology)  ​ 

Tineka Scalzo​

Social Service (The Social Service department at Wilbur Wright College offers a Certificate and Associate's Degree in Gerontology, the study of human aging, and a Certificate in Nursing Home Administration)  ​ 

David Torres​

Visual and Performing Arts (Art, Architecture, Dance, Music, Photography, Speech, and Theater) ​ 

Joslyn Allison​

Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies​

Tineka Scalzo