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Wright College Library Services

Circulation Policy

Loan Periods and Item Limits

All students and staff are allowed a total of five circulating materials at one time. If more items are needed, please speak with a librarian. Books can be renewed at the Circulation Desk, Reference Desk, by phone, or online.

Item Location

Item Limit

Loan Period*

Late Fines**

Adult Ed Stacks


Popular / Graphic Novels

CCC Inter-Library Loan


5 total (circulating)


2 weeks

$.25 per day ($5.00 max per book)



Class Sets

Adult Ed Class Sets



5 total (circulating)

If checked out before midterm – due back at midterm.

If checked out after midterm – due back at end of term.



$.25 per day ($5.00 max per book)

Audio Visual

5 total (circulating)

2 weeks

$.25 per day ($5.00 max per item)

Course Reserves

New Textbooks

1 reserve item in addition to 5 circulating books


2 hours


$.25 per hour (no max)

Inter-Library Loan (Outside of CCC)

5 total (circulating)

2 weeks

$1.00 per day ($25.00 max per book)

*Regardless of the check-out date, all items are due back on the last day of the semester. Library items are not loaned in between semesters. Due dates are being extended during remote semesters. No late fees will be charged.

**For items from (Adult Ed Stacks/Stacks/Popular/ARC/Class Sets/Adult Ed Class Sets/Audio Visual) late fines will not be charged if items are returned.

Placing Holds

Holds can be placed on items through online by logging into the library website with a CCC username and password. Librarians can assist. After the item on hold arrives at the pick-up location, students will get an email. Items will be held at pick up location for seven days and if not collected, items will be returned to the owning library.

Returning Library Materials

Materials checked out at the Wilbur Wright College Library can be returned at any CCC library, through the book drop or by handing it to staff at the circulation desk. Late materials will accrue fines(see Loan Periods and Item Limits for details).

Lost/Damaged Book Policy

Students will be required to pay a replacement fee plus a processing fee(plus any late fee that may have accrued) for any lost or damaged books. The processing fee is $5.00. The replacement fee will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If the book is still in print, the fee will be no more than the current cost of a new copy of the book.

Determining the Fine

If the book is available in both paperback and hard back, the price will be determined at the discretion of the librarian handling the case. The cost of the book is based on pricing from the library’s primary book vendor. If the book is out of print, the price will be determined according to last price listed in the book vendor’s database or, if not listed there, the price listed on Amazon.

Replacing Lost or Damaged Items

Students may have the opportunity to replace a lost or damaged book instead of paying the replacement fee. This option is based on the librarian’s assessment that the book is readily available for purchase in the format required and is offered at the discretion of the librarian. The replacement copy must be new OR in the case that it is no longer published, and the librarian has approved replacing with a used copy, the used copy must have no markings or damage of any kind. The $5.00 processing fee will not apply to this type of transaction and any late fees will be waived.

Fines from Other CCC Colleges

When students have fines from other CCC colleges on their library records, use of Wilbur Wright College Library resources will be determined on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the librarian on duty. Fines must be paid at the college at which they are due, unless permission is granted by the library department chair at the college library where the fine is due.

Library Privileges

When given the option to replace a lost or damaged book, the student will have a week from the day the terms are agreed upon to replace the item. The student may continue to check out library books, including course reserves, during the one week replacement period. If the item is not replaced or paid for, including the processing fee, the student’s check out privileges will be blocked. When a student’s account is blocked, the student will not be able to check out books, including course reserve items. When a student’s account carries a balance of $10.00 or more, library privileges are paused until the fines are resolved.

I.D. Cards and Library Access

CCC Students / Staff / Faculty

Students, staff, and faculty are required to have a school identification card to check out items from the library including course reserve materials and the study room. The CCC ID is also the print card when using the printer in the library and making copies in the copy center. Print cards can also be purchased in the copy center.

Non-CCC Visitors

Non-CCC visitors are welcome to use materials in the library, but cannot check out items. Printing and copies can be made using a print card purchased for $0.50 in the copy room.

Study Room

The group study room will be checked out to students for two hour periods. Students have priority for these rooms, but if there are available rooms and a member of the public would like a study room, they can be checked out in exchange for an ID, with the caveat that if a student needs a study room, the non-student will have to vacate the room. Food is not allowed in the study room.

Computer Use

Computer resources are limited and priority use is for students working on school assignments. Additional computers can be found in the open lab in L-100 and throughout the campus. Printers

To use the printer in the library, you will have to use a library computer and send your document to the printing station (found outside of the copy room). In order to send your document to the printer you will have to enter a name, which will be the same name you enter at the printing station computer to release your document to print. Each page costs $0.05 to print and you must use a student ID/print card to pay.

Copy Room

The copy room in the library houses two copiers and two scanning stations.


Each copy (1 page) costs $0.10. The copier can also scan pages to be sent to email instead of printed, this option is free of charge but requires the use of a print card that has money on it or cash to turn the copy options on.


The scanning stations are free to use and save the scans to your flash drive or Google drive account.