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This guide provides resources for information pertaining to speech and public speaking.

Public Speaking Tips

620 Informative Speech Topics

Public Speaking Tips: Speaking UP, MIT Freshman Advising Seminar

Discusses tips/advice on how to deliver the message of your speech clearly and strongly, with as little pain as possible for you --- the speaker --- and your audience.

18 Public Speaking Tips

Offers 18 helpful tips on how to be a successful public speaker.

Public Speaking Tips

Includes tips on intros, delivery, using gestures, and more.

Help Pronouncing Words: EmbedPlus Videos

Are you having trouble pronouncing a word you need to use in your speech? This website lets you hear and see someone saying the word.

Informative Speech

Writing Guide: Informative Speech

Informative Speech Examples:

Topic: The Effects and Ways of Managing Stress



Topic: The Causes of Homelessness


Persuasive Speech


Persuasive Speech Example:

Topic:  Putting the Brakes of Teenage Driving