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This guide provides resources for information pertaining to psychology.



BF121 .C52 2014 (Location: Circulation Desk)

Abnormal psychology in a changing world 

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A short guide to writing about psychology 

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Psychology 10/11

BF149 .P793 2014 (Location: Reference)

Social psychology 

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Dictionary of multicultural psychology : issues, terms, and concepts 

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Encyclopedia of clinical child and pediatric psychology 

RJ503.3 .E53 2003 (Location: Reference)

Counseling treatment for children and adolescents with DSM-IV-TR disorders 

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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of  Mental Disorders: DSM-IV-TR

Famous Pyschologists

Albert Bandura

Social Learning Theory 

Erik Erikson

Theory of Psychosocial Development

Sigmund Freud

Founder of Psychoanalytic Theory 

Ivan Pavlov

Classical Conditioning 

Jean Piaget

Cognitive and Developmental Psychology

B. F. Skinner

Leader of Behaviorism