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Mental 1: Find Books

Using Books

Books can be used to find in-depth analysis and discussions about a topic. Some characteristics of books as a type of resource are:

  • Useful for finding background information about an issue.
  • May have different editions and publishing dates. Consider other types of resources such as journals or newspaper articles if you are searching for the most current information.
  • Can be fiction (based on imagination, fabrication, or beliefs) or non-fiction (based on facts). 

Searching for Books in the Library Catalog

1. You can access the Library Catalog from the Library homepage or click here. 

2. Type keyword in the search bar. If you know the author or title of the book you want, click Advanced Search and use the Author or Title tabs.

If necessary, narrow results by using “and” to add terms, or use the Modify Search button (example: nurs* AND career)

Keyword Search

3. Filter by Library to see availability at your location. You can see this by the green dot on the left of the title as seen in the image below.  If you want to find out more about the book, click on the title.

4. In the list of results, click on the book’s title to see its full record.

5. Check record for book’s location, call number, and status (availability).

6. Write down the call number; you will need it to find the book on the library shelves.

Recommended Books from the Library Catalog

Recommended EBooks from the Library (EBSCO)