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APA Style: doi



This information advises on when it is appropriate to not incluede a doi and what to do concerning doi in a variety of different circumstances.




CrossRef is an association of scholarly publishers that develops shared infrastructure to support more effective scholarly communications. Our citation-linking network today covers over 60 million journal articles and other content items (books chapters, data, theses, technical reports) from thousands of scholarly and professional publishers around the globe.

Digital Object Identifier (doi)

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digital object identifier (DOI) is a character string (a "digital identifier") used to uniquely identify an object such as an electronic documentMetadata about the object is stored in association with the DOI name and this metadata may include a location, such as a URL, where the object can be found. The DOI for a document is permanent, whereas its location and other metadata may change. Referring to an online document by its DOI provides more stable linking than simply referring to it by its URL, because if its URL changes, the publisher need only update the metadata for the DOI to link to the new URL.[1][2][3]

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