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Proceedings of the CCC Student Symposium at HWC: Fall 2018

Publication representing student presentations of the CCC Symposium Series.

Proceedings of the City Colleges of Chicago Symposium: Fall 2018

CCC LogoHarold Washington College hosted the third college-wide CCC Symposium on November 30, 2018. Students and staff gathered to listen to and discuss two student presentations.

Schedule of Events

9:30: Opening Remarks

9:40: David DeGooyer: French Orthography

10:00: Sarah Siddiqi: Jane Addams & Hull House

10:30: Closing Remarks

[For presenter information and documents, see the box to the right for a list arranged in order of presentation.]


David DeGooyer: French Orthography

David DeGooyer grew up in the Pacific Northwest and also lived in downstate Illinois for many years. He plans to double-major in French and Francophone Studies & Communication at University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Abstract: The objective was to discover what changes in French orthography led to the eventual silencing of S sounds in many French words, particularly those which eventually included the use of the circumflex as a replacement for missing letters in some instances. Specific examples were studied with the intent to discover how and when the change in pronunciation occurred and why that was arbitrarily reflected in the spelling of the words in question. 

French Orthography  (Click to download)

Sarah Siddiqi: Jane Addams & Hull House

Sarah Siddiqi is from Chicago and grew up in the neighborhood of Rogers Park. She plans pursue a degree in the arts.

Abstract: A talk about innovations in Chicago with an emphasis on Jane Addams and Hull House. Details about Jane Addams and the work she did will be discussed as well as what inspired her to undertake her social work.

Jane Addams & Hull House (Click to download)