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Proceedings of the CCC Student Symposium at HWC: Student FAQs

Publication representing student presentations of the CCC Symposium Series.

Student FAQs

Student FAQs (For Faculty FAQs click here)

Who can attend the symposium? CCC students, staff, and faculty are invited to attend the symposium. 

What is the symposium all about? The symposium is "a gathering where students present research and work to their peers, faculty, and staff. It allows students to interact and discuss their ideas in an academic venue meant to help them build and practice academic and professional skills."

Who can present at the symposium? CCC students who are engaged in research and academic activities, which they would like to share with their peers and others in the CCC community. 

Why should I present my work at the symposium? 

  • to build your presentation skills and to gain presentation experience
  • to share your accomplishments with your peers and the rest of the City Colleges community

Can I just come to watch the presentations and support the presenters? Yes! Please RSVP here

Can I invite friends or family who do not attend City Colleges? Yes! 

What do I need to turn in, to present at the symposium? You will need to complete this form to submit your abstract for the symposium. 

When is the deadline for submitting my abstract? April 22nd, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

What is an abstract? An abstract is a concise but thorough description of a work such as an article, paper, or presentation. It is a narrative (usually a paragraph long) that includes the main points and conclusions of the work; it is not a list, review, or assessment of the work, but is meant to give the reader information on exactly what the larger work contains. Get more information HERE.

How do I write an abstract? Your abstract should present "the most complete and compelling information possible." It should describe the:

  • topic or basic problem that the work addresses
  • purpose or objective of the work, and sometimes the scope of the work
  • methods used to reach the conclusions that are presented in the work
  • results and conclusions of the research, and sometimes recommendations 

Can I get help writing my abstract? Visit your campus Writing Lab either in person or virtually.  

What can I present on? You may present on any research or academic activity you have done or are participating in at City Colleges.

When is the symposium this semester? The Spring 2022 CCC Symposium at HWC will be held on Friday, May 6th, 2022 beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Where will the symposium be held this semester? The Spring 2022 CCC Symposium at HWC will be held in Room 1115 at Harold Washington College, 30 E. Lake St. in Chicago.

Can I put this presentation on my resume or college applications? Yes! This is great evidence of your research or academic involvement and presentation experience. 


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