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Proceedings of the CCC Student Symposium at HWC: About

Publication representing student presentations of the CCC Symposium Series.

About the CCC Student Symposium at HWC

The City Colleges of Chicago Student Symposium at Harold Washington College is a gathering where students present research and work to their peers, faculty, and staff. It allows students to interact and discuss their ideas in an academic venue meant to help them build and practice academic and professional skills. The Symposium aims to reach the following goals:

  • To provide students who are engaged in research and academic activities an opportunity to interact with each other and present their work before an audience of their peers.
  • To provide a forum for highlighting the research accomplishments and academic activities at the City Colleges of Chicago.
  • To encourage students to build and enhance academic presentation skills.
  • To promote and strengthen collaboration in research and academic activities among students and faculty. 

In line with HWC’s Mission and GenEd Student Learning Outcomes for Oral Communication, following the symposium, student presenters will have:

  • participated in a community-building event, designed to showcase students’ achievements and build practical experience that can be added to résumés and carried through to their careers (see HWC Mission Statement)
  • “Create(d) structured, effective presentations with relevant supportive material for the specific context and academic or professional domain” (Oral Communication Assessment Final Report, p.4)

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