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Criminal Justice: Research Guidelines

Getting Started

There's so much information out there. How and where do you even start to do research? Visit the Starting Your Research guide

Developing Keywords

Image result for venn diagram clip artNow that you've started, get help developing keywords and using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). Visit the Developing Keywords guide

Locating Sources

Image result for map clip artNot sure where to start finding resources? Visit the Locating Sources guide

Evaluating Sources

Image result for thumbs up clip artWhich are the best sources to use? Visit the Evaluating Sources guide

Evaluating Sources

Image result for check mark imageEvaluate information sources using CRAAP:

  • Currency: is the information timely for my purposes? when was it published? has the information been revised or updated?
  • Relevance: is the information directly relatable to my research question? does it support my argument?
  • Authority: who wrote or published the information? what are their credentials? 
  • Accuracy: is the information corroborated by other sources?
  • Purpose: is the information unbiased? consider the author/publisher's purpose: is the information intended to educate or inform you, to persuade you, to sell you something, or for another reason?  

When evaluating information on the open web, use CRAAP and also:

  • maintain a healthy sense of skepticism:
    • check your biases (are you finding the information you think you want to find?)
    • ask yourself if the information is a joke or satire
  • when in doubt ask a librarian - Email Us or call 312.553.5784