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This guide provides resources for information pertaining to literature and literary criticism.


Literature Resources

Books and Literature Vocabulary in English - With Games and Puzzles 


This guide provides resources for information pertaining to Literature Resources. For more in-depth research assistance, please visit the library's reference desk or chat with a librarian.

Defining Literature

Definition of literature

1a (1)writings in prose or verse especiallywritings having excellence of form or expression and

expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest

     (2)an example of such writings

bthe body of writings on a particular subject

     Example:  scientific literature

cthe body of written works produced in a particular language, country, or age

     Example:   French literature

     Example:  Renaissance literature

dprinted matter (such as leaflets or circulars)

    Example:  campaign literature

2: the production of literary work especially as an occupation

    Example:  Literature is his profession.

3: the aggregate of a usually specified type of musical compositions the Brahms piano literature

4: archaic literary culture