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83 & Me: Harold Washington

Based on the 83 & Me curriculum for College Success

Unit 1, Lesson 1-5

Unit 1 Lesson 1-5 Fillable PDF

Unit 1, Lesson 3: Historical Comic

After listening to Harold (This American Life) in order to complete the Historical Comic


Unit 1, Lesson 4: Site Proposal

Unit 1, Lesson 2: Gallery Images (Use these 12 images for the 'Gallery Walk Questions" and "Switching Places assignments

HW at Mic

Beverly/Morgan Park Neighborhood Form, 22 May 1986 (Michelle V. Agins, photographer)

Harold Washington took part in a panel discussion at St. Xavier College in Beverly/Morgan Park to convey his administration's commitment to encouraging economic development in Chicago's neighborhoods, a central tenet of this economic policy. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 34/1)

HW in the 49th Ward

Tour of the 49th Ward, Edgewater and Rogers Park, 29 October 1983 (Michelle V. Agins, photographer)

Harold Washington, Housing Commissioner, Brenda Gaines and Economic Development Commissioner, Rob Mier, met Alderman David Orr for a walking tour of the 49th Ward. They walked and talked with local residents and merchants along Ashland, Morse, Howard, and Clark Streets, taking stock of recent improvements in the area and learning what was still needed. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 4/3)

HW with Senior Citizens at North Park Villlage

Mayor Washington with Senior Citizens at the North Park Village, 13 November 1985 (Michelle V. Agins, photographer)

Senior citizens at North Park Village, part of the North Park Nature Reserve, invited Harold Washington to a party to thank him for maintaining city services to the Village and Nature Reserve. The local bus service and the arboretum staff were retained and Washington outlined a program in his 1986 Fair Share Budget to increase the amount of money spent on home-delivered meals for the elderly. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 20/26)

Groundbreaking for DARE, Disabled Adult Residential Enterprises, Hyde Park, 9 March 1984 Michelle V. Agins, photographer

In 1982, then Congressman Washington helped secure federal funding to partner with the Hyde Park Kenwood Community Council to build 24 residential units for adults using wheelchairs. In 1983 the city contributed additional funds to allow construction to begin. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 7/2)

Mayor Washington with a young Barack Obama in the background

Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project, Barack Obama, with Mayor Harold Washington, 23 March 1987 Peter J. Schulz, photographer

Barack Obama (top, left) has credited Harold Washington’s election as Mayor of Chicago as the catalyst that brought him to town and encouraged him to get involved in community outreach. Here, the future President, and Washington attended a ribboncutting ceremony at the new Roseland Vocational Training and Job Placement Assistance Center. President Obama’s fi rst public engagement since leaving the White House was to return to the same community in April 2017 to talk to young men about gangs, job skills and employment at the Youth Peace Center of Roseland. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 61/16)

HW reading the newspaper

Keeping Up With the News, 14 January 1986 Antonio B. Dickey, photographer

Harold Washington read about his Fair Share Budget as it was reported in the AmerAsia News, a monthly paper aimed at the city’s Middle Eastern and Asian-Pacifi c residents. Sher Rajput, the newspaper’s publisher, served on Mayor Washington’s AsianAmerican Advisory Committee. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 24/51)

Harold Washington at Simeon High School, 25 March 1984 Antonio B. Dickey, photographer

Simeon High School in Chatham warmly welcomed Harold Washington. A true proponent of the value of education, Mayor Washington encouraged students to stay in school while he worked with business leaders and community groups to provide incentives and jobs for Chicago Public School students. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 7/23)

Harold Washington at the 16th Annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Rally, 30 June 1985 Antonio B. Dickey, photographer

The fi rst mayor ever to speak at the annual rally, Harold Washington expressed his support for passage of a gay rights bill in the City Council. A strong proponent of equality for all, Harold Washington announced to the crowd the formation of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Gay and Lesbian Issues. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 14/17)

Women in Chicago City Government, 24 December 1985 Antonio B. Dickey, photographer

Harold Washington made including women in government a priority. He created Chicago’s fi rst Commission on Women’s Aff airs. He also appointed so many women to top-level positions in his administration that the numbers of women in government rose from 12% to 39% two years into his fi rst term as mayor. In a fact sheet issued to highlight this achievement Washington said, “I am proud to have broken the barriers set up by past city administrations to keep women out of our government, I am proud of the new pages of Chicago’s city government history written through my appointment of these women.” (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 24/3)

Neighborhood Festival in Washington Park, 10 July 1983 Antonio B. Dickey, photographer

An estimated 100,000 people converged in Washington Park for the third of nine neighborhood festivals initiated by Harold Washington. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 2/40)

YMCA at 1608 W. 21st Street Michelle V. Agins, photographer

The mayor joined community leaders, local businesses and residents in Pilsen who for a year had worked to acquire and rehabilitate a building for the YMCA’s expansion. After a ceremony, Mayor Washington planted a sapling to symbolize the cooperation of church leaders, parents, community groups and government that saw the dream come true. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 33/3)

3rd Ward Clean-Up Campaign, Bronzeville, 30 August 1984 Michelle V. Agins, photographer

Local businesses teamed with block clubs and residents from the 3rd Ward to clean up their community. The city contributed brooms, shovels, rakes and plastic trash bags toward the eff ort, and Harold Washington stopped by to lend his support. (Harold Washington Archives, Chicago Public Library, 9/35)