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Alternative Library Resources: Articles

This guide provides resources available outside of the library resources held within the CCC library system.

Recommended Article Resources and Access: CCC System and Beyond

Harold Washington College Library strives to subscribe to databases to meet the needs of students and faculty across our entire community. However, it is impossible to predict every topic or need that will arise for our community members.

First Stop: CCC Libraries Subscription Databases

CCC libraries subscribe to an assortment of databases to enable students access to the resources they need. These include reference books (encyclopedias), journal databases, e-books, and more. Students, faculty, and staff may access these resources off campus using their CCC credentials. A complete list of resources may be found here

Second Stop: Chicago Public Library Subscription Databases

CPL also provides patrons with access to online resources. For a full list of their databases, click here. Highlights that CCC does not have access to include the Oxford English Dictionary, Mango Languages, and Hoover's Company Profiles. Please note, if searching specifically for scholarly journals, the CCC subscriptions provide more comprehensive and in-depth access. In order to access the CPL online resources, Chicago residents can apply for a free CPL eCard here.

Third Stop: Open Access Journals

Open Access journals publish literature online, free of charge, for unrestricted use, by having the copyright holder provide advance consent for public transmission. It is a movement gaining momentum as scholars hope to publish their work for a wider audience not restricted by library subscriptions. While this provides extensive access, it also comes with risks as individual journals are not curated by the library. A good starting point to search these journals is the Directory of Open Access Journals