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Psychology Research

This guide was created for students taking Psychology courses at Wright College.

Using Subscription Databases

Our database subscriptions allow for access to copyrighted content including academic journals, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, etc. Not every database can be used to answer every research question. We do not currently have a database devoted to psychological research, so include "psychology" in your search terms to get relevant results.

  • On campus we are logged in automatically. Off-campus, you need to log in with your CCC credentials.
  • Use keywords  in combination to get the most relevant results
    • schizophrenia AND psychology
    • post-traumatic stress disorder AND psychology
    • bulimia AND teenagers AND psychology
  • Generally, the databases will look in the title, abstract, and subject terms (these are standardized tags that describe the topics discussed) to provide results. Avoid words like what, in, the, how, etc.
  • Select peer-reviewed to limit to scholarly articles.
  • Many databases provide full-text access as well as abstract-only access. Always click full-text if given the option!
  • Change the date range to get more recent results.

Subscription Databases: Journal Articles and eBooks


Boolean Logic, Wildcards, & Truncation

Boolean Operators
  • Put quotation marks around your search terms to find an exact phrase

  • Refine or widen your search results with “AND,” “OR,” “NOT.


  • Many databases allow you to use a ? in place of a letter


  • Use an asterisk to search for words where more than one letter might differ