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HUM 144: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies - Yolanda Chapman, instructor

Selected Resources for Women and Gender Studies Research

If you would like to see a full list of the library's subscription databases, check out the alphabetized Full List of Library Databases or the Subject List of Library Databases if you prefer to see them grouped by general subject area. 

Selected Readings

Selected eJournals from EBSCO eJournal Collection

Artificial Intelligence in Education

What are Chatbots?

“A chatbot is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) software that is capable of simulating a conversation with a human user through the Internet or over the telephone … chatbots are programmed to answer messages sent by human users and supply an appropriate response.”

Lasky, J. (2023). Chatbot. Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science.

Chatbot examples:

An Extensive Research Guide on Chatbots and Academic Education from the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Northern Illinois University,

Research Guide on Artificial Intelligence and Library Research by librarian Katie Ediger, Truman College, City Colleges Chicago,

Successful Strategies for Online Learning

Tips include: create a study space, have consistent study routines, know the course syllabi, study with others, celebrate your achievements, and ask for help.

Remote Access to Library Databases

All library databases linked to are subscription databases. This means that to access them from anywhere outside of a City College building, you will need to log in with your CCC username and password. Note: Enter the username without the ending.

The login page will look like this:

The Research Process

The following links will walk you through the process of doing research once you have settled on a topic from starting your research to search for information in the library's database to evaluating information sources.

1. Starting Your Research

2. Developing Keywords

3. Locating Sources

4. Evaluating Sources

5. Citations and Plagiarism

Using Google Scholar for Research

Google Scholar is a Google platform that allows the user to search for information deemed scholarly from a variety of types of resources including journals, government documents, and websites. When searching, keep in mind that you may come across items that are not accessible in Google Scholar. You can always contact an HWC librarian with the citation information that is available in Google Scholar, and we can help you locate a copy. Remember that whenever you are doing research, and especially when using resources on the open internet, it is important to critically evaluate your sources of information.

This page from the University of Illinois Library provides more information about Google Scholar, its benefits and drawbacks, and how it compares to searching in a library database.