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Information Literacy Session 1: Search Tools and Strategies: Home

ENG 102 Embedded Librarian Session: Keywords, Boolean Operators, & Search Strategies

This week's readings and exercises will introduce you to keyword development, Boolean operators, and search strategies. Be sure to watch all the videos and follow all the links!

The readings and exercises should take at least two hours of dedicated, focused work, so be sure to set aside some time. By completing this module you will:

  • Identify key concepts and terms (keywords, synonyms and related terms) that describe the information they seek in all resources.
  • Construct search strategies using appropriate commands, including Boolean operators.

Follow all links on the page. 

Due at the end of this module: 

Research Questions, Keywords, and Boolean Operators Assignment 

Readings and Exercises:

This week you will learn about how to begin your research with a research question and how to turn that question into a search strategy using Boolean operators. This is the very important first step of your research process. Many students have been taught that to start their research they need to develop a thesis statement first, but that is not the best method!  Find out why on the next tab, Research Questions - Why?!