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Katie Ediger

Welcome to the Library

Hello College Success Students,

Welcome to the library! I've created the lesson plan below to familiarize you with resources to help you explore careers and colleges, and introduce you to the library. If you have any questions, reach out! You can can chat with a librarian on the this page or on the library catalog. You can also make an appointment to meet with a librarian one-on-one over Zoom. 

Katie Ediger, Truman College Library Department Chair   

Lesson Plan

1. Start filling out the form. 
The goal of this lesson is to learn more about a specific occupation, as well as familiarize you with library resources. Select an occupation that interests you. This is just an exercise, don't worry about being tied to this occupation! Complete the form linked below as you go through the lesson. You can fill out the form in a different tab by clicking here.  

2. Enter the occupation into Google and fill out the questions on the form. 


Google Web Search

3. Explore the Library Catalog 

Go to to find an article or eBook about the occupation that you have selected. This website connects you to all of the items in the library, both physical and digital. You'll need to visit this site to complete some of the questions of the form. 

4. Explore Ferguson's Career Guidance Center.

Go to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center. This database provides tools for career advice, career exploration, and planning. You'll need to visit this database in order to answer the final questions on the form. 

5. Submit the form!

Once you have completed your form, make sure you submit it. At the end of the form you'll be able to select if you want an email copy of your responses.