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Welcome and Instructions

Hello College Success Students,

I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet in person again this semester! I've created the lesson plan below to familiarize you with resources to help you explore careers and colleges, as well as familiarize you with the library catalog. If you have any questions for me while you are working on this lesson, please feel free to contact me. You can reach me at or call/text 773-270-0504. You can also use our chat service to connect with a librarian! You'll find a chat box on this page under the heading "chat with a librarian." 

Katie Ediger, Truman College Library Department Chair 

Lesson Plan

1. Download the Library Worksheet. 
The goal of this lesson is to learn more about a specific occupation, as well as familiarize you with library resources. You can choose to research one of the occupations that you selected during the Focus 2 assignment. If you haven't done that assignment, select an occupation that interests you. This is just an exercise, so don't worry about being tied to this occupation! Complete the worksheet linked below as you go through the lesson. 

2. Explore the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a website created and updated by the United States Department of Labor. You'll need to visit this website in order to answer the first several questions on your worksheet. Watch the video "Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook" (2 min 20 sec) for a demonstration of the site.  

3. Explore Programs at CCC

Go to the CCC Program Finder to learn more about the different programs offered at Truman College as well as other CCC locations. You'll need to use this site to complete the rest of the questions on page one of the worksheet. Click on "Select a Program" to view the list of occupations and programs. Once you select a program or occupation, you'll see the list of related degree and the schools that offer it.    


4. Explore the Library Catalog 

Go to to find an article or eBook about the occupation that you have selected. This website connects you to all of the items in the library, both physical and digital. You'll need to visit this site to complete the second page of your worksheet. Watch the video below for instructions on how to find articles and create MLA citations.  

5. Upload Completed Worksheet to BrightSpace.

Once you have completed your worksheet, upload it to your class page in BrightSpace. Your instructor should have created a folder or area for you to upload the assignment. 


Truman College Librarian

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Katie Ediger
Call or text 773-270-0504

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