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Katie Ediger

Welcome to the Library!

Hello Everyone,

This guide brings together resources to help you complete research on your retirement plan. If you have questions about library resources while you are working on this assignment, feel free to contact the library! 

  • You can set up an appointment to meet with a librarian via Zoom.
  • You can chat with a librarian by using the chat box on this page or in the library catalog and databases. 
  • you can send me an email at

Katie Ediger, Truman College Library Department Chair   

Step One: Dream

What is a meaningful life for me if I no longer need need to work all day to support myself and my loved ones? Note that successfully accomplishing the need to support yourself and your loved ones easily solves the meaning question for most people. What happens when that need is no longer present?

Step Two: Cost of Retirement

How do I pay for my retirement? Note the phrase ”my retirement.” You get to decide what your retirement looks like. This kind of freedom is both exhilarating and perhaps overwhelming. It takes work and imagination.

Retirement Location

If you're interested in retiring in the United States, Market Watch has a location picking tool to help you decide where to retire based on what matters to you. 

If you are interested in comparing between cities, check out

Planning for Health Expenses

Step Three: Wealth Needed

Retirement Calculators

Nerd Wallet Retirement Calculator (simple and to the point)

Market Watch Retirement Calculator (very customizable with nice visualizations)

Capital Group Retirement Calculator (options for calculating as a single or married person)

Smart Asset Retirement Calculator (includes retirement location for more accuracy regarding estimated taxes)

A different kind of calculator: Life Energy Calculator from Your Money or Your Life 

Chicago Public Library Resources

The Chicago Public Library is a great resource and will be available to you long after you complete your time at Truman. CPL has now eliminated fines and removed all past fines

Free workshops on Business, Law, and Money. These workshops cover topics from retirement, to home buying, to personal finance and more. 

Retirement and personal finance books. The Chicago Public Library has a huge number of print and eBooks that you can access. This list is just a small sample.  

Inspirational Videos