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Sociology 201

Workshop Overview

  1. Welcome to the library!​
  2. How to get help ​
  3. What is the media? ​
  4. Race in the media assignment ​
  5. Lateral reading and evaluating sources ​
  6. Search for resources ​
    • On Google ​
    • On library databases  ​

Source Exploration

1. Start filling out the form. 
The goal of this lesson is to familiarize you with library resources and different types of information. Complete the form linked below as you go through the lesson. If it's easier, you can fill out the form in a different tab by clicking here.  

2. Search for your topic in Google 

Google Web Search

3. Explore the Library Catalog 

Go to

This website connects you to all of the items in the library, both physical and digital. You'll need to visit this site to complete the questions of the form. 

4. Submit the form!

Once you have completed your form, make sure you submit it. Your responses will be shared with your instructor.