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Speech 101: Cultural Artifact Speech

Welcome to the Library

Hello Everyone,

This guide brings together the library resources that you will need to complete your informative speech. If you have any questions for me while you are working on this assignment, please contact me. It's my job to help you! :) You can reach me at or call/text 773-270-0504. You can also chat with a librarian by using the chat box on this page or in the library catalog and databases. 

Katie Ediger, Truman College Library Department Chair 

Lesson Plan

1. Open the Library Worksheet and review the assignment 

The worksheet is linked below, as well as on BrightSpace. This lesson plan will walk you through the information that you'll need to complete the assignment. You'll need to identify and evaluate 3 sources for this assignment: 2 sources found via the library databases, and 1 found elsewhere on the internet.  

2. Search Strategies.

Watch the video linked below: "How Should I Search in a Database?" (1 min 27 seconds). After watching take this super short quiz to test your knowledge on keyword searching (don't worry, it's not graded!). 

3. Keywords.

Now apply what you learned about keywords to your own topic. Start by completing this form (also not graded). It will lead you through the steps of breaking down your topic into keywords. You can email a copy to yourself.   

4. Start Searching!

The Library Discovery Tool (also known as Encore or the library catalog) is a great place to start your research. Search for both eBooks and digital resources (like articles) here. You will be prompted to login with your CCC username and password. Watch the video below for tips on how to use this tool.  

5. Explore Specific Library Databases.

In addition to the Library Discovery tool, the library has many databases that may be helpful for you. Below are three that I think will be especially helpful for this assignment. If you want to explore all of the library databases, you can check them out here

6. Evaluate Sources. 

Watch the video below: "Evaluating Sources for Credibility" (3 min 14 seconds). Complete your worksheet, evaluating three sources related to your speech topic. After you have completed your worksheet, upload your worksheet to BrightSpace to get credit for this lesson.  

Truman College Librarian

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Katie Ediger
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