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English LibGuide for HWC: Amelia Amantea

Welcome to the Library Guide for Lit 111 - Professor Amantea

This guide will help students access research for their Literature 111 Case Study project.

Course Objectives   

This course allows students to read a variety of poems from various times and places. Students will learn the elements of poetry and how to apply them to a variety of texts for a deeper understanding of literary meaning. Through extensive close readings, analysis, and discussions, students will progress towards mastering critical literary interpretation.   

Search Strategies for Researching Poetry

Poems and Poets

To search for specific poets or collection of poetry in the HWC library, click "Library Search" on the homepage.

 Library Search Button. Click here.

Searching for poetry resources in the databases follows the same strategy. Try:



Gale Literature Resource Center

A search for "Joy Harjo" in Gale Literature Resource Center.

Academic Search Elite

A search for Gwendolyn Brooks and literary criticism in Academic Search Elite.

Databases for Literary Research

Search Periodicals


Provides full-text online access to back issues of selected scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences.

Literature Resource Center

This database includes full text articles, critical essays, biographies, reviews and other works from scholarly journals and literary magazines concerning authors, their works, and literary movements, including poetry.

Search eBooks

eBook Academic Collection

Search for poetry or poets from the main screen or click here to see a relevant, sample search.

ProQuest eBook Central

Search for poetry or poets from the main screen or click here to see a librarian-curated collection of poetics.

Other Poetry in the Library


e.e. cummings

The Poetry Foundation



Edna St. Vincent Millay

The Poetry Foundation



Elizabeth Barrett-Browning

The Poetry Foundation



Elizabeth Bishop

The Poetry Foundation


Annotated Bibliographies

The annotated bibliography is a list of your sources including citations and accompanying descriptions. Sources are listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name or the first word in the citation, allowing you to keep all of your sources in one place and offering other researchers insight into your materials. 

Literature 111 – Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

o Your bibliography should contain an entry for every source you consulted while putting your presentation together.

o These entries should be arranged alphabetically, using the first item in the entry (usually – but not always – the last name of the author).

o You must also provide annotations for 1 book of poetry, 5 poems (listed separately*), 2 critical essays, 1 biographical source, and any item you will physically use in your presentation (images, YouTube videos, interviews, etc.). Only these sources are required to have annotations; additional research may be cited without annotations.

o Annotations vary based on purpose. For the purpose of this assignment, your annotations should be one paragraph each. The paragraph should appear directly below the entry you are annotating.

o The annotation should include a brief summary of the source and a few sentences on how you will use this source for your presentation.

o Use the following guidelines for formatting your Annotated Bibliography page (MLA):

o Use Microsoft Word (CCC One Drive)

o Times New Roman font, size 12

o 1” margins on all sides of the document

o Double-space the entire document

o Change the “Space After” default setting to 0” under the “Layout” menu

o Include a header with your last name and the page number (watch the MLA Page Setup video)

o When using the citations provided by the HWC Library, it is your responsibility to check for accuracy. Use MLA guidelines for formatting the entries (the same guidelines as a works cited page entry).

o Type the following in the upper left-hand corner of the paper on the first page only:


Your Name

Literature 111- FY

Spring 2022



o Center the words “Annotated Bibliography” directly below the heading (without quotation marks) in plain font (not bold, underlined, or italicized).

o Alphabetize all entries by last name or the first word of the entry.

o Use --- to indicate repeated authors (see the sample for an example)

o When more than one item is by the same author, alphabetize by the second item in the entry.

o Use hanging indents. Your annotations will be indented at this same marker. This will be demonstrated in class.

For MLA citation guidelines, visit Purdue OWL.

About Your Professor

Amelia Amantea (she/her)
Associate Professor and English Placement Testing Coordinator
Harold Washington College
Department of English, Speech, & Theater
30 E. Lake St. | Chicago, IL 60601
office: 612-E
p 312.553.5885 | f 312.553.3093