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Here is a list of helpful guides, handouts and other Web-based material related to library services.

How do I print?

  • There are two print stations near the first and second Reference Desks. Black and white printing cost five cents ($.05) per page and ten cents ($.10) per color page. You can print at the first print station with coins as well as your print card.  

Where do I buy a print card?

  • Print cards are available for purchase by the front doors of the library across from the Circulation Desk. They are one dollar ($1) and the machine only accepts bills, not coins.  Fifty cents ($.50) is added to your print card for prints and fifty cents ($.50) is deducted for the cost of the card.  You can also pay in cash at the first printer terminal if you do not choose to purchase a print card.

How do I add money to my print card?

  • You can add money to your print cards using the tall grey "value add" machines beside where the print cards are purchased and also beside the first printer terminal.  You can use both bills and coins to add value to your card for prints.  You can also pay in cash to print by using the tall grey "value add" machine at the first printer terminal.

How do I photocopy?

  • There are two black and white photocopiers located across from the Circulation Desk.  Photocopiers do not accept print cards, only bills or coins. Copies cost ten cents ($.10) per black & white page. The library does not have a color copier.

Can I scan chapters from my textbook?

  • There are two scanners available for students to scan books and documents. You can scan to your USB drive, email or Google Drive.  You cannot scan to the printer, but you can scan to email and print from a computer.  Copyright laws only permit the scanning of two chapters of textbooks at a time.  Please be mindful not to monopolize the scanners during busy times when there are a lot of students needing to use the scanner.

How do I reserve a group study room?

  • There are several study areas throughout the library. Please note that the library has a QUIET STUDY policy.  Group study rooms are available for use by two or more students to study or work collaboratively.  Group study rooms can be reserved at the Reference Desk and on our library main page here.  

How do I find a book?

  • You can search for a book by title or author using our library catalog here.  Once you locate the title you are looking for write down the call number, which will help you locate the book on the shelves.  All call numbers are in alphanumerical order (e.g. BD21 .S629 2005).  Ask a Reference Librarian if you need help finding something on the shelf.
  • Items that are in the “Stacks” and have a status of “Available” may be checked out.  If the item has a status of “Course Reserve” it is a course reserve and is located behind the Circulation Desk and can only be checked out for in-library use for a maximum of two (2) hours. 

What is a course reserve?

  • Print course reserves are available at the Circulation Desk. These materials cannot be taken out of the library and can only be used in the library for two (2) hours. You must show a CURRENT Harold Washington College ID to use course reserve materials.

Can I take home a course reserve?

  • You cannot take home a course reserve, they are in-library use only for up to two (2) hours and are checked out to your ID card.

Can I reserve a book from another College library?

  • You can place a book on hold from another CCC college library to be sent to you through our library catalog by logging into your account here, searching for the book and “requesting” it.  You can choose the college you would like to pick it up at and you will receive an email notification when it is available and will be held for pick up at the circulation desk.  You can also check the status of your holds and cancel holds as necessary by logging into your account. 

How do I check out a book?

  • Your City Colleges identification card functions as your library card. You must have a current ID to check out books and to access Library-Use Only materials including course reserves, current periodicals, and group study rooms. Stop by the security desk in the lobby on the 1st floor of the building to find out how to obtain an ID card. 
  • Books from the main collection may be checked out at the Circulation Desk you just need to show your ID card to check out a book. 

How long can I take out a book for?

  • A maximum of five (5) books can be checked out at one time. The loan period is two weeks, but books may be renewed if there is not a hold placed on the material.

How do I renew a book?

  • You can renew online by logging into your library account here or by coming into the library and renewing your book at the front Circulation Desk.  You can renew your items for another two (2) weeks if there are no holds on the items.

How do I access the databases from home?

Where do I go for help with research?

  • Ask a Reference Librarian if you need assistance using the databases, searching for a book or doing research.  We are here to help and you will always find a Librarian at the Reference Desk or you can email us at   

Is there a writing lab that can help me with my homework?

  • You can always visit the Writing Lab in Room 407 for help with your homework.  Their hours are as follows: Monday - Wednesday: 9am - 5pm., Thursday: 9am - 6pm, Friday: 9am - 1pm.

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