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MXC Library Psychology Research: Research Articles

A selection of Psychology Resources through the CCC libraries

Journal of Happiness Studies 6/2020 | springerprofessional.deTIME Magazine Cover: The Science of Happiness - Jan. 17, 2005 - Emotions -  Health & MedicineThe articles we locate from the web and from the CCC databases fall into a few categories: scholarly, popular, and reference sources. 

  • Scholarly sources - original scholarly research created for experts in the field. These are primary sources. 
  • Popular sources - summaries or reports on research results created for the general public and non experts. These are secondary sources
  • Reference sources - overviews of topics for non experts. These are tertiary sources

The Structure of Scientific TextsWhat is a Research Article?

Research articles describe research and experiments and are found in peer-reviewed journals. Most research articles include the same elements:

  • abstract
  • introduction or literature review
  • methodology
  • results
  • conclusion
  • discussion
  • references






image source: Research Article Elements

Analyze an Article

Read the articles linked below. Which article is a research article?

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