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MXC Library Psychology Research: Psychology Resources

A selection of Psychology Resources through the CCC libraries

Use the resources and tips below to locate research articles on Psychology from the CCC Libraries Databases.

Find a Topic

Get background information on concepts and topics. Find great overviews from these resources below:

Psychology Resources

Find Psychology resources from these specific and general resources available from the CCC Libraries A-Z Databases page.

Searching CCC Databases

Find articles from the CCC Libraries Databases!

  • visit the databases at Use your CCC credentials to log in
  • Think of a topic and do a keyword search.     
This keyword search.... Finds records that contain...
happiness ....this word
happiness memory ... BOTH words (in any order)
"emotional intelligence" ....these words together as a PHRASE
  • Skim your results
  • Focus your search by adding more keywords
  • Filter to source type such as scholarly, eBook, or magazine
  • Filter to date to limit your date range
  • Email articles to yourself!
  • Use the citation tool (remember to select APA from the dropdown)


Select a source from one of the Psychology Resources or Topical sources to find an article on happiness and success. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose from a Psychology Resource or a Topical database to locate an article on happiness
  2. Filter to find a Scholarly source
  3. Filter to find a source from the last five years
  4. Copy the APA citation for the article and paste it below!

Video Resources

City Colleges of Chicago has several video collections that you can watch online from home. You will need to use your CCC credentials to view.