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Black Lives Matter

This LibGuide is here to help connect people with resources and information on the Black Lives Matter Movement

#BlackLivesMatter has chapters throughout the country. Black Lives Matter Chicago has 10 Demands for the community. Find out more on their website, and see the list below:Black Lives Matter Chicago Demands

  1. Close Homan Square
  2. CPAC Now
  3. No Cops in Schools
  4. Accountability for Police Murder & Torture
  5. Justice for All Killed by Police
  6. Fire Murderous & Abusive Cops
  7. End Youth Incarceration
  8. Defund the Police
  9. Invest in Community Resources
  10. Release Imprisoned Police Torture Survivors

More organizations focused on social justice:

Push your local officials for social justice. Use a few of these links to find out how:



Creative Commons Image credit: Johnny Silvercloud