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Wilbur Wright Library Website: Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Research Workshops & more

Librarians are available to teach research workshops and guide students in achieving information literacy outcomes for in-person and remote courses.

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College Research Overview--one class session includes an introduction to library services and the research process

Information Literacy Workshop--all of our instruction includes information literacy concepts. Select topics you think are appropriate.

Information Literacy Research Workshop Series--2-3 sessions to support the research process throughout the semester.

Library Tour--physical tour of the library.

We are flexible and value collaboration. Reach out with your ideas!

Library Instruction Session Guidelines

  • The best time for a library instruction session is after an assignment has been assigned and students have chosen their topics. Students are more likely to be motivated to learn about research resources at the point of need.        

  • Students learn best by doing! We encourage you to allow time to actively reinforce their learning through hands-on practice.       

  • We strive to accommodate all requests. Due to limited staffing, we ask that you submit requests as early as possible--at least one week in advance.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER are free and open textbook alternatives. Review resources for faculty or contact Tineka Scalzo ( for assistance with:

  • Identifying potential OER
  • Using OER with a class
  • Information on authoring and sharing your own OER 


Course Reserves

Ask a Librarian Chat

Request Materials for the Collection

Submit a suggestion for the Library to purchase a book or periodical

We welcome recommendations for book and periodical selections that support the curriculum and mission of the College.

Assignment Review

If you have an assignment that includes research, consider having a Wright librarian review the assignment beforehand (whether or not you are also expecting to have a librarian visit your class) in order to help scaffold learning. We are familiar with CCC subscription databases as well as outside information sources and can help you direct students toward relevant resources. Email Tineka Scalzo ( or with your topics and questions.