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Harold Washington College Library: Textbooks and Course Reserves

General Information

Image of a stack of textbooks.Each semester, the library expects to receive two copies of newly adopted current textbooks from the CCC bookstore. While we have many current textbooks in the library, there are occasions on which we may not have a textbook. Some of the most common reasons why the library may not have copies of a current textbook include:

  • The book is marked by the instructor as "recommended" or "suggested reading" and not as required.
  • The book is listed on a syllabus as required but was not entered in the bookstore database or was entered late.

  • The book is an older edition or is out of print.

  • Also excluded are access codes to ebooks and other online material.

How do I know if my textbook is in the library?

  1. Check the online catalog to find out if your book is available in the library. It is important that you know certain pieces of information before you search. These include one or a combination of the following: title of the book, author / editor names, edition. This information can be found in the syllabus for the class.

  2. You can search by TITLE, AUTHOR, KEYWORD, or a combination. 

  3. Librarians are available to assist you with searching the catalog and checking that the specific edition you need is available.

  4. Copy the Library of Congress call number, a series of letters and numbers assigned to each book. The location will read "Harold Washington Reserve Books." 

  5. Image of the record of a book in the library's online catalog. The call number is circled.

My textbook is in the library. Where can I find it?

  1. Bring the call number to the Circulation Desk where the book will be pulled for you.

  2. You will need to present your current school ID. This will be held at the Circulation Desk while you have the book in your possession.

  3. Textbooks in the course reserves collection may be used in the the library for two hours at a time. 

  4. Overdue fees will be charged for items returned past their due time. The fine for an overdue reserve books is $.25 per half hour. Please be mindful that fellow students may be waiting on a book and return reserve textbooks in a timely manner.

  5. In addition to reading in the library, students have the option to scan or photocopy small portions of their textbooks for personal use.

My textbook isn't in the library. What are my options?

As noted in the General Information, there are several reasons why a current textbook might not be in the library. In cases where a book is not available, we make every effort to obtain copies from the CCC textbook vendor, or from individual departments. However, students should keep in mind that obtaining textbooks is first and foremost their responsibility as HWC students.

Textbooks and Copyright

Image of a copyright symbol, a c inside a circle.

Please keep in mind that copyright law prohibits photocopying or scanning large portions of a book or a book in its entirety. In providing copiers and scanners, the library intends to assist in alleviating an immediate, temporary need, not to provide an alternative to purchasing a textbook.