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Harold Washington College Library: Printing in the Library

Print, Copy, and Scan Basics


  • The library has both black and white and color print stations. The main (black and white) print station is located in front of the Reference Desk, behind the computer stations. The color printer is located near Group Study Room D.
  • Black and white printing cost five cents ($.05) per page and color printing is ten cents ($.10) per page.


  • There are two photocopiers located across from the Circulation Desk: one color and one black and white. Copies cost ten cents ($.10) per page, and the copier accepts bills, coins, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.


  • There are two free scanning stations available for students to scan books and documents. Scanners are located near the small section of public computers in the back of the library. You can scan to a USB drive, email, or Google Drive. You cannot scan to the printer, but you can scan to email and print from a computer. During busy times, please limit scanner use to 15 minutes. Copyright laws only permit the scanning of two chapters of textbooks at a time.

Printing From a Public Computer

Follow these steps to print from a library computer:

  1. Log in to a computer using you CCC username and password and open the document you want to print.
  2. Press Print or go to File --> Print. When the print preview appears, select the printer you would like to use and press to print to send the document to the printer. Select hwptp\HWC-BW for black and white or hwptp\HWC-Color for color. If you don't see the printer, select "See More..." from the list to view all the available printers. 
  3. A confirmation will pop up on your computer screen indicating the cost of the print job. Press confirm if you would like to proceed.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you need to print more than one job.
  5. Go to the print station and login by tapping your CCC ID on the white ID scanner. The first time you print, you will need to associate your ID card with your account by entering your CCC username and password on the touchscreen. The next time you print you'll only need to tap your ID to log in. You can also log in without your ID by typing your username and password on the touchscreen. 
  6. Once you have logged into the printer, you'll see all of your print jobs listed along with the price per job. Pay for you print jobs with cash, card, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay. Note that paying with a card will place a temporary $5 hold on your account. Then, select the documents you want to print.