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Print, Copy, and Scan

Costs for Printing and Copying: 
Black and white: 5 cents a page
Color: 10 cents a page 

Scanning is free; however, you will need to put a coin in the machine in order to get to the menu. Ask at the reference desk if you need a coin to get started. 

How to Print from a Public Computer

To print from a public computer follow these steps:  

1. Login and pull up the document you want to print.

2. Press print. When the print preview appears, select the printer you would like to use. Select HTC-BW on trptp for black and white, or HTC-Color on trptp for color.

3. Once you have sent the document to the printer, a confirmation from Papercut will pop up on your computer screen listing the cost of the print job. Press confirm if you would like to proceed. 

4. Go to the print station (the computer next to the printer) and login by tapping your ID. The first time you print, you will need to associate your ID card with your account. Do this by tapping your ID on the scanner and then enter your CCC username and password. The next time you print you'll only need to tap your ID. 

5. Once you have logged into the print release station, you'll see all of your print jobs listed along with the price. Pay for you print jobs with cash or a card (note that paying with a card will place a temporary $5 hold on your account). Select the documents you want to print.


Print from a Personal Computer

Go to and upload your document. Print your document from any CCC print release station.