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CCC Libraries Wikipedia Essentials

Use this guide to learn more about CCC Libraries Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon events, and how to edit or add references to Wikipedia articles.

Editing Existing Articles

Section that needs expansionWhen using Wikipedia take note of entries that can use updating. Many appear in RED when information is missing. You might also find articles that need more information.

In addition to entries you might find when working on your own, use a few of these links to find article stubs to edit or create:


Wikipedia Notability

The "Notability Guidelines" are a standard used by Wikipedia editors to determine whether a topic should have its own article. Criteria to meet the notability standard:

  • The information is verifiable. If there are only independent sources on a topic it should not have an article. 
  • The topic addresses a subject of significance
  • Reliable sources may come from published works of all types
  • Sources should be secondary but do not have to be available online