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Chicago Communities Research Guide: Far Southwest Side

Developed by Professors Rosie Banks and Todd Heldt, this guide lists and describes print and digital resources about Chicago neighborhoods.

Far Southwest Side


(Ashburn, Ashburn Estates, Beverly View, Crestline, Parkview, Scottsdale, Wrightwood)​


North: Lavergne to Ford City Drive 77th St to Pulaski and then Belt RR


South: 87th St.

West: Cicero to Lavergne

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Greater Ashburn Planning Association

The Greater Ashburn Planning Association (  ), located at 8316 S. Kedzie Avenue, also has a Facebook page. They concern themselves with business development and residential support. Student researchers would do best to reach out to the association via their website or Facebook page.

Other Primary Sources of Interest


Auburn Gresham

(Auburn Gresham, Gresham)


North: Belt RR to Halsted and then 76th

East: Wallace to 79th and the 83rd to Vincennes and then Steward to CWIRR; S. 91st St. to Green and the CRIPRR and then 89th to Paulina and then 90th

South: 91st St. to Green and the CRIPRR and then 89th to Paulina and then 90th


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The Faith Community of St. Sabina

Located at 1210 W. 78th Place and led by Father Michael Pfleger, the Faith community of St. Sabina (  is listed as a resource because of its longstanding work for social justice under the leadership of Father Pfleger.  Student researchers might reach out by phone or email to contact the staff to explore community activism and particularly community activism among faith communities.

Other Primary Sources of Interest

  • Library: Marshall Branch, reading garden, 7506 S. Racine Avenue



(Beverly, West Beverly)

Zip Codes

60620, 60642, 60643, 60655


North: 87th St.

East: PCCSTLRY to 103rd and then CRIPRR

South: 107th St.

West: GTWRR to 102nd Place and then California to 99th St. and then Western

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The Aquaducts at South Dan Ryan Woods

While Ashburn seems to host Dan Ryan Woods - North, Beverly hosts Dan Ryan Woods - South. The Dan Ryan Woods are located at the highest point of the ridge in the city of Chicago. On the site is a channel dug by the park’s planners to prevent the I & M canal from flooding nearby residents. Student researchers might use this to explore the history of the I & M canal and its significance to Chicago as well as the southern bike trails that lead to the Indiana state line. The above citation are about a little-known aquaduct trail in the midst of the Dan Ryan Woods.

Other Primary Sources of Interest

Art Center: Beverly Arts Center, 1309, 2407 W. 111th St.,

Art Center: Chicago Writers’ Studio, 1917 W. 103rd St., Ste. #5Beverly


Morgan Park

(Beverly Woods, Kennedy Park, Morgan Park, West Morgan Park)

Zip Codes

60643, 60655


North: 107th St.

East: Halsted St.

South: 115th to Ashland and then CRIPRR and 119th

West: BOCTRR to 115th St. and then GTWRR to 111th and then California

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Rotary International Headquarters

Rotary International is the largest volunteer organization in the nation. Its headquarters are in Morgan Park.

Mount Greenwood

(Mount Greenwood, Talley’s Corner)


North: 111th to Pulaski and then 99th to Millard and Central Park Ave. and then 103rd to Kedzie and then 102nd Place

East: GTWRR to 113th and then Troy to 114th and then Kedzie to 115th and then Homan

South: 117th to Millard and then 115th

West: Cicero Avenue

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Ridge Historical Society

The Ridge Historical Society ( covers the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Mount Greenwood, Morgan Park, Ridge Historic District, and Washington Heights.[1] Located at 10621 S. Seeley Avenue, they are open Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday 2-5pm or by appointment

Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences

Located at 3857 W. 111th St., the magnet high school is the only high school in city limits to contain an actual farm. There are community hours on limited evenings; otherwise, there is limited to no access for student researchers. However, it might be worthwhile reaching out to staff if there is interest in studying the agricultural sciences and urban farming.

Other Primary Sources of Interest

Library Collection: Mount Greenwood CPL, Irish American archives, 11071 S. Hoyne Avenue


Washington Heights

(Brainerd, Longwood Manor, Washington Heights)


60620, 60628, 60643


North: 90th to Paulina and then 89th to CRIPRR to Green and then 91st St

East: CWIRR to 103rd and then Halsted

South: 107th St.


Featured Annotation

Vivian G. Harsh Research Collections at the Woodson Regional Library

The Woodson Regional Library, located at 95th and Halsted, contains the largest archive of Black newspapers in the area. While some of this material can be accessed via the Chicago Public Library’s online resources, quite a bit of the Woodson’s archival materials cannot. Please note their advice to prospective researchers for accessing materials.